The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

A letter emailed today to Professor Michael Permezel the President of this College.

“I’m wondering when your College became aware of the facts that on 1-5 Dec 2008, Dr Oliver James Brown, who claims to be one of your Fellows, botched an operation on one of his patients, and then botched her aftercare to the extent that she quickly died an agonizing death, after, amongst other things, times in which she was vomiting faecal material, something which Dr Brown somehow managed to miss, as described in this article?

In other words, Dr Brown, was/is a complete and utter ratbag.

And did your College becoming aware of these facts lead to any move to have him stripped of his FRANZCOG qualification?

If so, when might this happen?

Or perhaps the general public is just going to have to be educated to the fact that amongst those claiming the FRANZCOG qualification there’s always going to be a fair sprinkling of complete and utter ratbags.”

We’ll let you know if we get a response – not that we’re expecting one. We would have thought that the whole point of qualifications like the FRANZCOG qualification was that they were some sort of indication to you and me, that people holding these qualifications DIDN’T have track records like Dr Brown’s. And that people like Professor Permezel would have some sort of position on this that they would be prepared to let us have.

But we have been working in the area of finding the best doctors and avoiding ones who are not so good for more than 8 years now – and help in this task from doctors or anyone connected to the medical profession has been extremely rare. And help from organisations like AHPRA and the NSW HCCC who are supposed to regulate the health care professions, (Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!) are almost as rare. IT’S ALL UP TO YOU AND ME TO CARRY OUT OUR OWN RESEARCH.

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