The health care system in NSW/Australia 3

Inch by inch the world is changing.

On 27 Feb 2015, we sent a letter by email to Ms Jillian Skinner, the NSW Minister for Health, asking what the waiting time was to have a particular operation in a NSW government hospital, and on 23 Mar 2015 we got a reply – you can view the correspondence by using this link.

There are about 10 things wrong with this reply, which we will comment on later, but we are told that if we want further information we should contact a Melinda Pascoe, AND … AND … AND, an email address if provided for her!!!

In all such correspondence before, if we’ve been referred to someone else for further information, we’ve had to search and scratch around to find an email address for them, and half the time we haven’t been able to find one. It is, of course, so easy to do this, provide an email address, but we’ve never seen it done before!

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