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One of the Urologists we’ve been corresponding with recently has sent us an email which includes this paragraph:-

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So there you have it, readers.

One Urologist, Dr Mark Frydenburg, (who happens to be the President of the Urological Society of Australia & New Zealand,) talking about “Urologists charging excessively high fees,” fees that are “inflated,” fees that are “unreasonably high,” and another one claiming that he’s “aghast” at what some Urologists are charging.

But who’s going to help you and me to avoid falling into the hands of these greedy bastards?

Certainly not governments! You could write letter after letter to state Ministers for Health, like the Jillian Skinners of this world, and the Commonwealth Ministers for Health, and their counterparts in the oppositions, and mostly not even get your letters acknowledged, let alone get any help.

The organisations that are supposed to regulate the medical profession, (ha ha ha! ha ha ha!) like AHPRA, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, (who despite getting hundreds of complaints about doctors a year, finds about 8 a year to have not done a very good job – out of 50,000 NSW doctors!) and the various Privacy Commissioners, are never going to help.

And we all know that, in the end, that the Urological Society of Australia & New Zealand, despite their recent brave words, is never going to help – as evidenced by the fact that Dr Andrew Brooks, one of the worst of the worst, is going to continue to be on it’s Board of Directors, and we quote, be “highly respected by his peers.” To be fair, we’re not sure how much it’s their role to help – certainly not compared to others.

And, (and to us, this is one of the most concerning,) GPs are not going to help. The “greedy bastards” are dependent on GPs continuing to send them patients, and that’s what’s happening – either because the Urologists are their mates, or because they’re giving them “kickbacks,” or because they don’t know and don’t care, or for some other reason.

No, the only way for you and me to prevent this happening is for us to do our own research, with which we are trying to help.

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