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Further to our previous post, four days ago we emailed a letter saying this to 5 Sydney urologists, and this morning, (on 26 Apr 2016,) we emailed it to another 24 more.

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Our aim, of course, is to provide assistance to those readers who need the services of a urologist and want to avoid those who, in Dr Frydenberg’s words, are quoting “inflated” fees and charging “unreasonably high fees.”

As time allows we’ll write up the responses, but, we’ve now had a fair bit of experience with the matters, and feel that we can fairly confidently predict:-

  1. That 1 or occasionally 2 out of every 10 will provide responses that are helpful.
  2. That about 2 out of 10 will respond, but not with any real evidence that they are NOT like those to whom Dr Frydenberg refers – “Come and have a consultation with us and we’ll tell you,” and that sort of thing.
  3. That 3 out of 10 won’t even acknowledge your emails – they want the existing situation where the “waters are muddied” and it’s as difficult as possible to “compare apples with apples” to continue.

Just as well we usually only need one doctor isn’t it.

I’m sure we’re all really grateful  to Dr Frydenberg for coming out openly with the fact that there are lots of really greedy bastards out there – although many of us will be aware of this already.

None of this, of course, deals with the other problems, that there are urologists out there, who, like Andrew Brooks, convince you that you need a urologist when you don’t need one at all so they can get their hands on $3,200 for less than an hour’s work, and GPs out there, like Chris Grant, who, for what ever reason, refer you to the likes of Andrew Brooks.

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