We have a DREAM 2

We see a need for different types of experts that have never existed in the world before.

Example 1 – provided by one of our readers.

He says that he is a subscriber to a service called “OS X Daily” which is for Apple users like he is – “OS X” standing for “Operating System 10” which is Apple’s latest operating system.

Each day he gets an email which includes 1, 2 or 3 items like this:-

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No doubt these items are very useful, but he wouldn’t know! – because he’s never read one of them! When the emails arrive he just puts them in an Apple Mailbox for “later.” So far, this Mailbox has 344 emails in it – so he has at least 500 items like the one shown above available to him, but if he has an OS X problem does he have to go through 500 items to find the item that best deals with it?

We know the feeling. When we have a problem, be it a technology problem, or a health and well being problem, or any other problem, it would be great if we could email someone, an “expert” who could email us back with, “Here’s what we think is the best answer on the internet to your problem.”

Of course, technically it’s possible, and we believe it will happen. We believe that such experts will eventually charge for their answers – we will be given the choice between paying an “expert,” say $12, to be directed to the what one of these “experts” feels is the very best answer or answers on the internet to our question, or, carrying out our own research, with the aid of Google, of course, and that once being such an expert becomes a viable way to make a living, the world will change completely, and so so very rapidly.

We believe that this will be a service that the people behind such organisations as OS X Daily will provide, (wherever they are – with modern communication technology it doesn’t matter,) – “Here’s all these information for free, and if you send us $10, or whatever, (the level of charges would be settled by trial and error,) we’ll direct you to the bits of information which we think best answers your questions.” In fact, we’re surprised it hasn’t happened already.

In other words there will be two types of experts – those involved in producing great articles of information, and those involved in directing people to the best articles of information that already exist. If any of our readers can direct us to any of the second type, we would be most grateful if they could provide us with┬áthe details so we could let others know.

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